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Dr. Alamgir Hossain Shemul

Passed MBBS from Rajshahi Medical College. Completed FCPS Part 1 in Paediatrics. Ex-Honorary Medical Officer at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. I Like to surf the internet, Know New Things, Watching movies etc. I love to Listen to Music, Playing Games not only in Computer Also a Defender in Football. Connect me on

WHO List of Necessary Medicines & Drugs For Children

WHO List of Essential Medicines & Drugs For Children

World Health Organisation in short popularly known as WHO has been publishing the Essential Drug List for both Children and Adult. It has been updated every 2 yearly. The first list of essential drug list was published in 1977 only for adult. As science has developed much more than the previous, children department has separated. First edition for CHILDREN was published in October …

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Why Breast Feed Your Child And Breast Feeding With Implants

Breast Feeding Babies

“can women with breast implants breastfeed their child” or ” breastfeeding after breast augmentation” It’s a common question after breast implantation surgery. Its actually a good sign that they want to breast feed their child. But you may wonder there are many mothers around the world who does not know the importance of Brest Feeding. As a result, they think it will …

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What Is Pediatrics And Its Scope, Branches and Association

Pediatrics is the Branch of Medicine that deals with the health and disease of infants, Children, Neonates and adolescents. It also make sure that the Growth and Development of your child is going on smoothly. It does not only includes the health of the children but also the environmental surroundings and influences of social impacts on children’s mental, emotional and physical health. Pediatric clinics are specially designed …

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