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Pre Pregnancy Care Medical Tips & Tests Before Getting Pregnant

Pregnancy Care Vitamins Test before getting pregnant

Preconception planning is essential for a healthy planned pregnancy and baby. “Should I take prenatal vitamins before I get pregnant”- many couples asked me this question. Adequate health checks must be ensured before getting pregnant. This post will walk you through some basic things to do before getting pregnant. A healthy mother is essential for healthy baby, thus a healthy …

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Study Shows US Moms Are Less Active, Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

US Mothers Are Less Active, Bad Effect & Exercise During Pregnancy

Recently University of South Carolina has conducted a research about the US Mothers. The result of the research has made us believed that the  American mothers are more involved in Watching Television. They are far less physically active now. Rather more engaged in sedentary works. Modern science has made our life less complicated but made us fat and more vulnerable to various …

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