Chronic Tonsillitis And Tonsillectomy


Chronic Tonsillitis: It is the Chronic inflammation of tonsils. In my previous post I have showed you the Anatomy and Physiology of tonsils. If you have not seen that yet, I am requesting you to visit Tonsils In children Causes, Features, Diagnosis, Treatment of Tonsillitis here. I discussed here the basic things about tonsils. In that post I wrote about …

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Tonsils In children Causes, Features, Diagnosis, Treatment of Tonsillitis

bacterial infection in tonsils

What is Tonsils? Tonsils are paired lymphatic organs present on the lateral wall of Oropharynx between the Anterior pillar or Palatoglossal arch and Posterior pillar or palatopharyngeal arch. When it is infected it is called tonsillitis. It is an acute or chronic inflammation of tonsils. The reason behind acute tonsillitis is virus or bacteria. It may be sub acute which …

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Hypertension In Children Lecture on Causes Investigations Treatment for HTN

Hypertension In Children Treatment Options

Hypertension In Children This is the Lecture of Hypertension In Children taken by our teacher Dr. Shahabuddin Mahmud Assistant Professor, Paediatric Nephrology in Rajshahi Medical College. It contains Definitions, Causes, When to take BP in a child, Stages of HTN, Investigations for HTN both essential and Optional, Treatment options etc. This is mostly suitable for the Medical students to prepare their …

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Nephrotic Syndrome in Children Lecture Full: Part 2

Nephrotic Syndrome in Children Lecture Full

On Previous Post we discussed about some Important definitions, Clinical features, Pathophysiology, Types, Causes etc. In this part of lecture we are going to deals with the Necessary Investigations, Indication for renal biopsy in NS, Specific and Supportive treatment, Complications, Causes of susceptibility to infection in MCNS, Some Conditions Associated with Nephrotic Syndrome with their presentation, responsible organisms and treatment. …

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