How Can I Find That I Have Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction can have a substantial negative effect on relationships and self-esteem, yet few men prefer to talk about their inability to achieve or sustain an erection. Fortunately, difficulties in the bedroom don’t always indicate erectile dysfunction. At a certain time in their sexual history, the majority of men will experience erection issues. However, serious … Read more

Infantile Hemangioma 7 Things to Know About

infantile hemangioma

1. What is Congenital Hemangioma? Hemangioma is a benign tumour. Benign means it’s not that dangerous. So there is not much to worry about. It is a benign tumour of blood vessels. A hemangioma that presents since birth is called a congenital hemangioma. It is fully formed at birth. Blood vessels are formed by the … Read more

Child Counselling and Communication Skill in Pediatrics for Doctors & Nurses

Child Counselling and Communication Skill in Pediatrics for Doctors & Nurses

Practising counselling and communication skill in paediatrics is very important. The clients are the mother or both parents and the Health care provider is usually a paediatrician or nurse or even a health assistant. The caregiver mother or father has every right to know the related information regarding the health and well being of the … Read more

A Bangladeshi Child with Silver Russell syndrome

Silver Russell Syndrome

Recently I have come across a post by a Facebook page named “Fatema, s Congenital heart desk” about a very rare disease Silver Russell syndrome. It is associated with poor growth both before and after birth. This disease is also known as Russell Silver syndrome (RSS). The newborn baby usually has IUGR but sparing head … Read more

How to Register and Get Corona Vaccine in Bangladesh

Corona vaccine

Bangladesh has started to give the Corona vaccine. The Corona vaccine will boost up the fighting mentality of the frontline workers. Initially, there was bad propaganda regarding the Corona vaccine. But now people have started taking it and posting photos of getting the Corona vaccine has a positive impact on the vaccination program. The Corona … Read more

Measles-Rubella Free Vaccine Campaign in Bangladesh 2020

Measles Rubella Vaccine

The national measles-rubella vaccination campaign has started in Bangladesh. Due to the strike of the Health Assistants the campaign was delayed. Now it has started and run at full speed. People are bringing their child to the nearest campaign place to vaccinate the child. There are about 26000 health workers who are demanding a pay … Read more

9 Things A Pediatrician Wants You To Stop Doing

Things A Pediatrician Wants You To Stop Doing

Parenting doesn’t come with a guidebook, so it leaves unsuspecting moms and dads on their own to work it out. Your go-to friends’ advice, the internet, your own parents may not have the most accurate, up-to-date knowledge. Then you’re either too tired, anxious, or humiliated to ask our questions when you get to the pediatrician’s … Read more