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blood bank address
Blood Bank authenticated by AKMMC

Finding a blood bank is sometimes an emergency. As I am a Doctor I have seen many child was saved because of transfusing blood at the right moment. Delay in blood transfusion can cause death. Some situations require urgent blood transfusion. Every major hospitals has its own blood transfusion department. They store blood and fulfill the demand when necessary. But sometimes they don’t have the right group of blood in their store. That’s when a blood bank comes in action.

There are many reputed blood bank in Dhaka as well as fraud blood bank. There are many disease including Hepatitis B, C, HIV can transmit through blood transfusion. That’s why it’s mandatory to screen every blood bag before transfusion. I have seen some patients acquiring Hepatitis C after history of blood transfusion. Although it’s not proved that blood transfusion was responsible for Hepatitis C in that particular case but it’s a strong suspicion. Some children get regular blood transfusion. They are at risk of getting blood borne infection.

Blood bank is a place where supplies of blood or plasma for transfusion are stored safely for donation. Cord blood banking is a new idea where blood is collected from in your newborn’s umbilical cord and placenta and storing it for future medical use. Cord blood contains potentially lifesaving cells called stem cells. The stem cells in cord blood are different from embryonic stem cells. Although this facility is not readily available in Bangladesh. And it costs a lot.

Mobile blood Transfusion:

Sometimes only a small amount of blood is needed for transfusion. Mostly in neonatal ward and NICU. Here blood is directly transfused from donor to receiver after cross matching and screening.

Small-volume blood transfusion from mobile donors such as parents and relatives, doctors and social worker available readily is found to be safe, effective, time saving, lifesaving, and economic. It is undesirable that blood-from professional donors are used having the risk or low hemoglobin and transmissible diseases. Infants require only small amount of blood. Therefore the traditional collection of blood from a donor (amounting to about 400 ml) for transfusing to small children is a wastage.

Moreover, obtaining blood from blood transfusion service requires more time, and often fresh blood is not available. Other advantages are donors are available at hand. Blood is not wasted, and the same donor may be used frequently. Blood from the healthy donor is drawn at bed side.

List of Blood bank in Bangladesh

Not all the blood bank are trusted and authenticated. Blood transfusion is a kind of business in Bangladesh. Some fraud people collect blood from drug abuser and sell them in high price. Those blood are not screened and it contains the disease. That’s why selling of blood is a punishable crime. Peoples are discouraged to collect blood from them. Here are some authenticated blood bank list with address and mobile numbers.

blood bank address
Blood Bank authenticated by AKMMC

1.Quantum Blood Bank Lab:

Address: 31/V Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin Sarak, Shantinagar, Dhaka 1217

Phone: 02-9351365

Mobile: 88-01714-010869


2. Bangladesh Red Crescent Blood Bank

7/5, Aurangzeb Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

Contact No.: +880-02-9116563, +880-02-8121497, +880-02-9139940

Website: Bangladesh Red Crescent

3. Alif Blood Bank & Transfusion Center

44/11, West Panthapath (2nd Floor), Opposite of Shamrita Hospital, Dhaka 1215

Mobile Phone: 01712392923, 01913059375

4. Badhan Blood Bank

Central Office, T.S.C(Ground Floor), University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000

Mobile No: 01534982674


5. Thalassemia Blood Bank

Address: 30 Chamelibag, 1st Lane, Dhaka 1217



For those Thalassemia patients, it’s helpful. As the thalassemia patient requires regular transfusion.

6. Sandhani (Central)

Sandhani Central. Room 35, Tinshed Outdoor building BSMMU, Shahabag, Dhaka – 1000
Contact No. : 880-2-8621658, Fax: 880-2-8620378
Email: [email protected]

Sandhani (DMC)

Address : Dhaka Medical College Unit, Dhaka.

Contact No. : +880-2-9668609, +880-2-9668690, +880-2-8616744, +880-2-9663429,

Mobile: 01819-284878.

7. Police Blood Bank

Central Police Hospital, Rajarbag, Dhaka.

Phone: 9362573

Mobile: 01713-398386


Well, these are good organizations for Blood transfusions. below some are listed, contact in case of emergency.

8. Oriental Blood bank

Green Center, 2B/30, Green Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Mobile No: 01812700053

9. Mukti Blood Bank & Pathology Lab

Address: 54 (1st Floor), Bir-Uttam A.M. Shafiullah Road, Free School Street, Dhaka-1207

Phone: +880 2-8624249

10. Islami Bank Hospital Blood Bank

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Contact No: 02-8317090, 8321495

The purpose of giving a mobile no is to contact them if the required blood group is available or not.

11. New Bangladesh Pathology & Blood Bank

House # 69, Road # 9/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209

Phone: +8801715546807, 8801736877303

Blood Donors Club – Find Blood Donors by Group

It is an excellent blood donation club. Here all the members are listed according to the blood group with mobile numbers. So you can easily contact them. I have registered there.


Blood Donor Android App

There are many android apps for blood donors in Bangladesh. Among them, Blood Donation is a popular one. It will help you find blood donors from your area or your known institute. The process is very simple. As blood donation is heroic work, we are trying to make a common platform for all blood donors. Contact the donor through a phone call or via Facebook.

Download Blood Donate Bangladesh

Another App: Bangladesh Blood Donor

Facebook Group of Blood Donors

Positive Bangladesh Blood Donors seems to be the largest group of Bangladeshi blood donors. Although I have doubts about how many of them are active. They have a total of 119.3K members.

Positive Bangladesh Blood Donors Facebook group

Another Facebook Group Blood Donation, 32k Members

And there is a Group Desperately Seeking – Dhaka, You can ask here for help. If you are lucky you may find a donor.

That’s all for Now. Hope it helps. Share with your Facebook friends and save the link for the emergency.

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  1. I shall try to provide B+, AB+ , AB- , O+ , A- Blood Donor Only for pregnant mother(1st time) and mother having no Son. Kindly send SMS with Hospital address during your requirement. No telephone call please. +8801714012729

    • 1st November 2023Delivery date of my wife.Doctor advises me 2bags blood emergency cage.please help.venue Aragya sadhan faridpur.Blood group A-

  2. Urgently need blood for 0+ Corona patient currently in ICU in Bardem for plasma from person recovered from Corona within the past 3/4 months. Ready to pay. Please contact: 01711524457

  3. I need 2 beg B+ blood for brain tumer patient. He is very injured. So blood need for surgery in tomorrow….
    Contact. 01832-979562,

  4. Assalamualikum,
    I urgently needed 1 bag ( 400ml) plasma for one of my relative from person recovered from Covid-19. Blood group: A positive.
    Cell: +8801780059628

  5. Need B negative blood at the mid of the June 2020 for pregnant women. Please post your cell number who want to give blood. I will contact with him/her.

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