Study Shows US Moms Are Less Active, Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

US Mothers Are Less Active, Bad Effect & Exercise During Pregnancy
US Mothers Are Less Active, Bad Effect & Exercise During Pregnancy

Recently University of South Carolina has conducted a research about the US Mothers. The result of the research has made us believed that the  American mothers are more involved in Watching Television. They are far less physically active now. Rather more engaged in sedentary works. Modern science has made our life less complicated but made us fat and more vulnerable to various disease. The previous cooking, cleaning and walking around house is good for both mother and children. This research would provide a new way regarding the childhood obesity and diabetes. The research result is published in the medical journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

The study was done in two groups, Mothers with younger children (5 years of age or less) and those with older children (age 6 to 18).

Less physical activity is directly related to obesity. Increasing waistlines for both male and female. Heart disease is increasing for the same reason.

 “A mother’s physical activity and sedentary behaviors affect the environments to which her progeny are exposed, such as the intrauterine milieu and family social setting,” Edward Archer, a public health professor at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, said to the Los Angeles Times. “As a result, he added, the change in mothers’ habits, in their weight status and in their propensity to diseases is likely being transmitted across generations.”

“With each passing generation, mothers have become increasingly physically inactive, sedentary, and obese, thereby potentially predisposing children to an increased risk of inactivity, adiposity, and chronic non-communicable diseases. Given that physical activity is an absolute prerequisite for health and wellness, it is not surprising that inactivity is now a leading cause of death and disease in developed nations,” Archer said.

The conclusion of this study is significantly increasing inactivity is a major public health crisis. Its now should be concerned more. It should get more attraction. To over come this problem, mothers should be properly motivated. The bad effects of less physical activity is involved with most of the body parts.

Why You Should Exercise During Pregnancy?

US Mothers Are Less Active, Bad Effect & Exercise During Pregnancy
US Mothers Are Less Active, Bad Effect & Exercise During Pregnancy
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There are hundreds of reason of doing exercise in Pregnancy. Tops are listed below:

Pregnant mothers who exercise boost babies’ brains, claim researchers

So you want to boost your baby’s brain. Everybody wants it. At least three 20-minute sessions of moderate exercise a week will make a mature patterns of brain activity, linked to better mental performance in later life. It will make you feel better, more energetic and you will have more control over your weight. Source

Best workout for pregnant women

Simple cycling, Walking, Swimming or moderate running will do the job.

Exercise during pregnancy strengthens blood vessels of unborn children

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy for baby is very good. A research of US and Germany proved that people whose mothers exercised when they were pregnant will have healthier blood vessels in adult life. Exercise during pregnancy may have programmed the fetal blood vessels to act against heart and vessels problem. It is true that fit mothers will have healthier baby. The research have indicated that thirty minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most if not all days of the week. It will surely benefit the blood vessels of foetus. Source

Simple exercise will prevent most of the common problems such as constipation, leg cramps, back pain etc. You can do some prenatal yoga to make you feel better.

Having regular excercise will ensure a sound sleep during night. Exercise  least three hours before you go to bed.

Exercise During Pregnancy will improve your mood, keep you all day energetic.

The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is 25 to 35 Pounds. More than this weight gain is not simply good. In case of Twin pregnancy, the value is more. It is hard to lose the excess weight after the baby is born. So try to keep your weight within 35 lbs.

Exercise During Pregnancy, When to Careful?

Exercise is good, but excess is always bad. Contact with your Physician before starting the exercise. It is also essential to visit your physician regularly. Exercise should be colosely monitored by a health care provider for mothers with risk.

During Pregnancy, your fetus gets blood supply from you. If you do heavy exercise your baby may get less oxygen, which is carried by blood.

Avoid activities as Downhill skiing, Horseback riding, Mountain climbing, and Contact sports such as football or soccer or anything like that. Because your center of balance changes. These exercise could put you in danger. Simple cycling, Walking, Swimming or moderate running is enough. Indoor activity is good.

Good Luck to All Pregnant Woman. Thanks.

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