Most Commons Patients in Pediatrics Ward of RMCH, Bangladesh

A patient of Perinatal asphyxia during admission
A patient of Perinatal asphyxia during admission

I have been busy with my duty in Pediatric ward. Recently I have joined in Pediatrics Ward of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh. I have joined under Ward no 27 n Pediatrics Unit 3 of RMCH. Today I will show a list of most common patients admitted in pediatrics ward. This list is based on my observation and clinical data. The information presented here is not 100% accurate. But a random presentation of common diseases in children. The serious cases needs admission in Hospital, Otherwise not. The outdoor patient department handles the less serious children’s. And if they feel necessary, they send the patient for admission in Pediatrics ward.

Introduction of Pediatric Ward’s of RMCH

The Paediatrics ward consists of 4 Unit under professors and Associate professors. There are 3 pediatric ward in Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. Although each unit will have its own ward soon. Unit 1 is under our Professor Dr. Iqbal Bari in Ward no 24. Unit 2 is under Associate Professor Dr. Asgar Ali and Unit 4 is under Associate Professor Dr. Sanaul Haque. Both unit is in Ward no 10. Unit 3 is under Associate Professor Dr. Nowroj Ali in Ward no 27. I have been posted in ward 27 and doing my duty. But I frequently visit all wards. And I have been doing duty with my fellow friends in those ward.

Rajshahi Medical College Hospital is the biggest Hospital in North Bengal. We get referral patients from all districts in Rajshahi Division.

Commons Patients Admitted in Pediatrics Ward

Those patients admitted in Hospital are quite serous and they need urgent medial attention. This list below is made according to number of patients admitted here that I have seen. But not based on appropriate clinical data.

1. Acute Watery diarrhea:

If you are in duty of Pediatrics ward you will face this diseases more than any other pediatric diseases. It is the passage of loose watery stool more than three times a day. AWD is most commonly due to viral cause. The Oral Rehydration Saline (ORS) is supplied by the hospital. Acute Watery diarrhea is assessed with dehydration. Dehydration is classified into three category such as no sign of dehydration, some sign of dehydration and severe dehydration. The treatment is according to cause and degree of dehydration.

2. Acute Respiratory Tract Infection: Pneumonia and Bronchiolitis

This is one of the most common cause of admission in hospital for children’s. Sometimes they presents with other symptoms. The Respiratory tract infection such as Pneumonia and Bronchiolitis are most common in Winter season. Sometimes Bronchial Asthma is found all the year round.

3. Perinatal Asphyxia:

It is common for preterm baby. Perinatal Asphyxia is manifested by delayed crying after birth, at least after one minute. Mainly supportive treatment is given for Perinatal Asphyxia. APGAR Score is a predictive tool after birth.

A patient of Perinatal asphyxia during admission
A patient of Perinatal asphyxia during admission

4. Meningitis/Encephalitis:

This is the most serious disease in pediatric ward and leads to fatal condition suddenly. This is listed here not because it is common but its fatal rate. The outcome is poor. Meningitis is the inflammation of leptomeninges covering the brain and spinal cord. It may be bacterial, viral or tubercular. CSF Study is done to find out the etiology and treatment is given according to report. Meningitis/Encephalitis patients usually presents with Fever, Unconsciousness, Neck rigidity, vomiting, Restlessness, Irritability, convulsion etc. Empirical Antimicrobial therapy is required.

4. Neonatal Septicemia:

Neonatal Septicemia is the bacterial infection in the blood in infants during the first month of life OR in an infant younger than 90 days old. You can see here for more information on Neonatal Septicemia.

5. Low Birth Weight Baby

Low birth wight baby s also a major concern for pediatricians. Birth weight of < 2.5 kg irrespective of gestational age is called Low Birth Weight Baby. Proper nutrition, adequate rest, and avoidance of cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol will contribute to the development of a healthier child. Feeding management for Low Birth Weight Baby is the major task.

I haven’t found much resources about this topic. Common patents vary from country to country. Acute watery diarrhea would be uncommon for USA or UK but most common for third world underdeveloped country like us. The below list is very dissimilar from here.

Common Pediatric Diseases and Conditions in

No more today. What types of patients you face most? Let us know. Thanks

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  1. Those poor babies. I couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been for them to suffer these kinds of diseases after birth. I am about to give birth in two weeks and I pray that my baby will be fine and healthy.

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