CT Scan MRI Ultrasonography Xray Test in BSMMU PG Hospital

CT scan, MRI, Ultrasonography X-ray are some common investigations done in BSMMU or PG Hospital. These are costly investigations especially CT Scan and MRI. The BSMMU has opened a new block just for these investigations procedure. These investigations are now available in F Block. F block is beside the Administration training building. Many readers were asking me about the costs of these investigations. So here is a post dedicated regarding how to do CT scan, MRI, Ultrasonography X-ray etc.


What is CT Scan?

Computed Tomography is known as CT Scan in short. It is one kind of X-ray. With the help of the computer, it creates more detailed images of the inside of the body. CT scan can be done for any part of the body. It is painless and it does not take much time. You may have seen in movies or TV that a person lying and entering in a doughnut-shaped CT machine.

CT Scan with Contrast means substances are taken to visualize the soft part of the body like digestive tract when taken orally or vein when the contrast media is given in a vein. Normally CT scan does not have any major side effects. Some may develop rashes which disappear usually within a few days.

See here in radiology info for more details information about CT Scan.

CT Scan Cost

What is MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI uses magnetism and radio waves rather than x-rays. It also uses a computer to produce 3-dimensional images of body structures. MRI is painless and it does not involve x-rays, so its safer than CT Scan. The MRI scanner is a tube surrounded by a giant circular magnet like a CT scan machine. MRI also does not have any major side effects.

See here in radiology info for more details information about MRI

MRI Preparation

How to Do a CT Scan and MRI in PG Hospital?

CT Scan and MRI can be done any day except Friday and Government holiday from 8 AM to 8 PM.

There is no need of giving serial for CT Scan and MRI.

The patient will need the Photocopy of the Prescription and come early in the Morning. Then deposit money and collect the money receipt.

The CT scan department is in the 3rd Floor.

The CT Scan and MRI report can be collected from the Ground floor of F Block from 2.30PM to 6 PM.

MRI CT Scan Ultrasonography Xray Cost in Neuroscience Hospital

Have you heard the name of Neuroscience hospital shortly known as NINS. It is ranked number 1 hospital in specialized hospital category in Bangladesh. I have visited a few times. It’s the most sophisticated and clean hospital in Bangladesh. NINS is located in Agargaon.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Costs

  1. MRI Brain = 3000/=
  2. MRI Brain é Contrast = 4000/=
  3. MRI Lumbar Spine = 3000/=
  4. MRI Lumbar Spine é Contrast = 3000/=
  5. MRI  Cervical Spine = 3000/=
  6. MRI Cervical Spine é Contrast = 4000/=
  7. MRI Dorsal Spine = 3000/=
  8. MRI Dorsal Spine é Contrast = 4000/=
  9. MRI Orbit = 3000/=
  10. MRI Brain é MRA(Magnetic Resonance Angiography)=4000/=
  11. MRI Brain é MRV(Magnetic Resonance Venography)=4000/=
  12. MRI Brain é MRS(Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy)=4000/=
  13. MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography) = 1000/=
  14. MRV (Magnetic Resonance Venography) = 1000/=
  15. MRS (Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) =1000/=

CT (Computed Tomography) Scan Costs

  1. CT Scan of Brain = 2000/=
  2. CT Scan of Cervical Spine=2000/=
  3. Ct Scan of Chest =2500/=

X-Ray Costs

  1. 01.X-ray of SI Joint =200/=
  2. X-ray of Skull =300/=
  3. X-ray of Both SI Joint =400/=
  4. X-ray of Right Elbow =150/=
  5. X-ray of Left Elbow = 150/=
  6. X-ray of Both Elbow =200/=
  7. X-ray of Right Shoulder Joint =200/=
  8. X-ray of Left Shoulder Joint =200/=
  9. X-ray of Both Shoulder Joint =400/=
  10. X-ray of Lumber Spine Both view = 200/=
  11. X-ray of Lumber Spine Both view Oblique = 400/=
  12. X-ray of Cervical Spine =150/=
  13. X-ray of Cervical Spine Oblique =300/=
  14. X-ray of Whole Spine =550/=
  15. X-ray of Thoracic Lumber Spine =200/=
  16. X-ray of Coxey Both View = 200/=
  17. X-ray of Pelvis AP View =200/=
  18. X-ray of Pelvis Both View =400/=
  19. X-ray of Pelvis AP View with Both hip Joint APV =200/=
  20. X-ray of Pelvis AP View with Both hip Joint APV Both view =400/=
  21. X-ray of PNS(Para Nasal Sinuses) =150/=

Ultrasonography and Echo Costs

  1. USG of Whole Abdomen-BDT 220.00
  2. USG of Hepatobiliary System (HBS)-BDT 110.00
  3. Doppler USG-BDT 600.00
  4. Duplex-BDT 600.00
  5. Echo color Doppler =600/=

How to Do Ultrasonography and X-ray in PG Hospital?

USG Cost

Ultrasonography and X-ray are done at a very low cost than other private hospitals. But there is a huge crowd. So consider going in the afternoon for the procedure. There is a total of 200 male and 200 female Xrays are done in the morning. And in the evening 75 male and 75 female Xrays done.

120 male and 120 female USG are done in the morning and 20 USG is done in the evening period.

SO that’s all for now If you have any query ask me in the comments. Thanks.

Available Investigations and Fees in BSMMU PG hospital [How To]

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