[Updated] Available Investigations and Fees in BSMMU PG hospital [How To]

BSMMU PG Hospital front view

BSMMU or Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University is the highest Medical Facility in Bangladesh. It is the only Postgraduate Institution in Bangladesh. It was previously known as PG Hospital or Postgraduate Medical Research (IPGMR) which was established in December 1965. It was converted into a Medical University for expanding the facilities for higher medical education and research in the country. PG Hospital is situated in the vital location of the capital known as Shahbag. BSMMU complex has five main multistoried buildings that are identified as Block-A, Block-B, Block-C, Block-D and Cabin block respectively. Follow the below link to know more about the different blocks of BSMMU.

CT Scan MRI Ultrasonography Xray Test in BSMMU PG Hospital

BSMMU PG Hospital front view

Different Block Accommodations

The present Vice-Chancellor is Professor Dr Md. Sharfuddin Ahmed, a Professor of Community Ophthalmology. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) was established in 1998 as the first medical university in the country after the name of the father of the nation. Since its inception, BSMMU has been serving as the leading medical institution that contributes significantly to the growth and improvement of postgraduate medical education in Bangladesh. It bears the heritage of the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Research (IPGMR) which was established in December 1965. In the year 1998, the Government converted IPGMR into a Medical University for expanding the facilities for higher medical education and research in the country

As it is the most sophisticated institution pathological investigation reports are accepted all over the world. Also, the cost is most reasonable. Investigations from private hospitals and clinics cost two or three times more than here. I have collected a list of available investigations and their cost.

Almost all the investigations are available here. Have look at the below link. There are lists of available investigations but the cost is not included. I have collected some money receipts from various departments.

Investigations service is open from 8 AM to 7 PM. It is located in the underground of New Buildings.

Biochemistry Investigations fees

Contact No 88-01787-663059

Biochemistry Fees
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Laboratory Medicine Investigations Fees

It is available in the OPD building basement floor up to 5 pm and thereafter in the Emergency department in Cabin Block.

Laboratory Medicine
Laboratory Medicine

Haematology investigations fees

D Block 13th Floor.


Microbiology and Immunology Investigations fees


Department of Virology Investigations fees


Department of Cardiology, University Cardiac Center

Cardiac Tests
Cardiac Tests

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How to reach or contact PG Hospital:

From anywhere in Bangladesh, go to Shahbag More. There are many Bus services available going through shahbag more. Here you will see the PG Hospital. There is also the Ibrahim Cardiac and Diabetic Hospital.

Website: www.bsmmu.edu.bd

Phone:+880 2-8614001

Investigation performed in PG Hospital:

  • Performing all the common routine and emergency investigation of the outpatient departments and indoor patient (list enclosed).
  • Provide services from 8.00 AM to 7 PM.

Location: underground of New Buildings.

Right to Information Act 2009

If you have any complaints, contact us here:

Prosunto Kumer Mazumder
Section Officer (Public Relations) and Information Officer (Additional Incharge)
Room No: 143, Block: B (1st Floor)
Mob: 01674953592
Email: [email protected]

Investigations in Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Dhaka Medical College Hospital

Services available in CNMU, Dhaka (with fees)

Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Ultrasound (INMU) in PG Hospital.

Available services in NINMAS, PG Hospital. Before you go to this section, ensure reading it first. Make appointment or otherwise, you may have to return without performing the investigations.

Investigations Price in Private Hospitals:

For example, Blood grouping and Rh typing will cost 100 takas in a PG hospital. And in Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital it will cost 350 takas. Although we have done it in student life with 20 takas.

Cost in Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital

It is located just opposite the PG hospital.

Ibn Sina is popular due to the low cost of investigations. Its reports are also accepted nationwide, although some doctors may not accept. So before going to Ibn Sina, ask your doctor. But no doubt that Ibn Sina cost less.

Ibn Sina laboratory Services

Ibn Sina Diagnostic & Imaging Center
House 48, Road 9/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209
Phone: 9126625-6, 9128835-7, 01717-351631, 01763-287401-02
email: [email protected]

Popular Diagnostic center, Modern Diagnostic center are also popular. But the costs are nearly double that govt the hospital.

Speaking casually, No doubt that those Privates Clinics and Diagnostic center are just money hungry crocodile. But they will provide some facilities that you will not get in govt or semi govt institutions. For example, you have to get in line for serial in PG hospital. That serial is quite long but not long compared to the cost. So for RICH people, Apollo, Labaid, Square, and Popular Hospitals etc are best.

List of hospitals for Foreigners:

A list of medical facilities/practitioners has been prepared by the British High Commission, Dhaka, for the convenience of British Nationals who may require these services and assistance in Bangladesh.

[PDF] List of medical facilities in Bangladesh by UK Govt. Prepared by the British High Commission, Dhaka.

Updated: You will find all the phone numbers of the best Hospitals in Bangladesh in the above PDF.

If you have any queries or personal experience, you want to provide, just let me know. I will add it here. Thanks.

About Dr. Alamgir Hossain Shemul 94 Articles
Passionate about Child Health and Well Being. MD Resident of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology in BSMMU. Passed MBBS from Rajshahi Medical College. Completed FCPS Part 1 in Paediatrics. Ex-Honorary Medical Officer at Dhaka Medical College Hospital and NICU Medical officer at Anwer Khan Modern Hospital, Dhaka.


  1. I have skin problems can I consult with Dr lubna khondokar mam there and what is consultation cost also which time will be best to meet with her

  2. Dear Respected Doctor,
    Would you please tell me the cost of Lymphoscintigraphy of both lower limbs tests in PG Hospital? It will be very helpful for me.

  3. I want to book an appointment for my 3 years baby dtpa renogram test.
    How can proceed for an online appointment

  4. Assalamualikum, I would like to know the cost of these test
    1. Radio active screening of thyroid
    2. Ultrasonogram of thyroid

  5. Hello Sir,
    My doctor adviced me to do the test Western blot from BSMMU upon my request. May I know, if the test is available here and the cost please.

  6. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical Hospital is the most popular hospital in Bangladesh. Thank for sharing the valuable information BSMMU

  7. Can u plz tell me, ENA PROFILE (IGG)(IB)& ANTI NUCLEAR ANTIBOODIES ANA/ANF ( IF METHOD)test cost at PG and how can I do it?

  8. Dear Respected Doctor,
    Would you please tell me the cost of these below tests in PG Hospital? It will be very helpful for me.
    1. SGPT
    2. S.Creatinine
    3. S.Electrlytes
    4. S. Lipid Profile
    5. RBS
    6. USG W/A
    7. Urine RME

    Thanks in advance…

  9. would you please tell me the cost of BMD (Dexa bone scan) Hip & Lumber spine and Vitamin D level(serum) test? I searched all through the photos uploaded above but I haven’t found my desired information.
    Pls help

  10. Sir, Would you please tell me the cost of
    1. ECG 9.Hemoglobin A1C
    2. ECHO Screening 10. Urine Profile
    3. Creatinine- Serum 11. Aerobic C/S Urine
    4.CBC 12. DXA/BMD Scan- Lumbar Spine & HIP
    5. ds DNA Antibodies
    6. Liver Function Test/ Profile Serum
    7. ENA Profile(IgC) (IB)
    8. Anti Nuclear Antibodies ANA/ANF (IF Method)

  11. Dear Dr. Shemul
    would you pls tell me the cost of these tests …..
    1. SGPT
    2. S.Creatinine
    3. S.Electrlytes
    4. RBS
    5. CBC & PBF

  12. sir, kindly give me the amount of costs at BSMMU of some tests given below :-
    1. CBC
    2. Anti HCV
    3. ECG
    4. Colonoscopy

  13. পিজি হসপিটাল কি fibroscan of liver test করে? এর মূল্য কত পরবে শুকবার শনিবার কি করা যাবে

  14. My mother was diagnosed breast cancer on 2014. Then she was under treatment, took kemotherapy and went under a operation on 2015. She is a diabetic patient too. Now a days she is suffering from multiple health problems . I heard about a test naming pet ct scan by which multiple problems of body can be detected. I will be grateful if u give me the information related to this test like cost & timing when should i go.

    • PET CT scan is a good option for diagnosing diseases. INMAS in Dhaka Medical was supposed to start this test, but not have started yet. The private hospitals like Apollo and United have this service. You can call 10687 in Apollo helpline for the cost and serial. See here https://goo.gl/eDR2Ar for more info including a 10% discount in apollo hospital.

  15. Can you please tell me the MRI cost?? I cannot find it in the above description..a patient will need a emergency MRI test in his left leg.

  16. আমি HIV এবং STD এর জন্য টেস্ট করাতে চাচ্ছি; কি কি টেস্ট করতে হবে? আর খরচ কত হবে?

  17. Could you please give me some female breast surgeons name and chamber address. I need also some diagnostic center or hospital contact addresses where FNAC TEST FOR BREAST conducted by female doctors. It’s imergency. Thanks.

  18. Dr, would you please tell me the cost of Immuno Fixation ( blood) test? I searched all through the photos, but I haven’t found my desired information.

  19. Assalamuwalaikum, Ame jante chai, Angiogram ar cost koto ? PG hospital a kon vhoban ar koto floor a jate hoby janaben please ..

  20. Please Would You Tell Me About The Treatment For Stone In Gall Bladder without Operation in BSMMU ?
    If Available How Cost Test Fee & Others

    Patient Is Poor,

    For Your Quary:
    Female , Age 47, Thank You.

  21. hello sir,
    can you please tell me how much it may cost for an USG of Thyroid gland?
    for a FNAC test of nodular goiter (right)?

    thank you.

  22. i want to know sir,,,amar ak cousin ar breast a tumor or lamp ar moto kisu hoyese,,, ai treatments ar jonno ki ki test korate hobe? and cost kemon porte???

  23. Dear Doctor,
    We are going to work for pediatric TB. I need costs of few tests. Please help me.
    Chest X-ray
    Ultrasound Abdomen
    CT Scan
    Mantoux (TST, PPD, TB skin test)
    TC, DC, Hb%, ESR

  24. Sir, kindly give me the amount of costs at BSMMU of some tests given below :-

    1. CBC
    2. HBsAg
    3. T&H or TSH
    4. FT4
    5. CRP
    6. Colonoscopy

  25. sir, kindly give me the amount of costs at BSMMU of some tests given below :-
    1. semen analysis
    2. VDRL
    3. HBsAg
    4. USG of W/A
    5. S. Prolactin level

  26. sir,
    I am from thakurgaon. my mother is the patient who was advised by a gynecologist to go to PG to meet a specialist gynecologist. she has a pain coninue in stomach & the problem is cyst. now we r thinking to go PG. but we don’t know the visiting hour of specialist gynecologist. so please, can you help us telling me the info who is specialist gynecologist and when she visits patient? How we get the appointment ?

  27. Dr, would you please tell me the cost of TVS and pap test? I searched all through the photos uploaded above but I haven’t found my desired information.

    • Trans Vaginal Sonography (TVS) may cost 1000-1200 taka and Pap Smear cost is around Taka 1,500. If the Pap Smear test comes out positive patient is either in the Pre-Cancerous State of Cervical Cancer or in the Cancerous State of Cervical Cancer. If Pap-Smear test comes out negative the patient should receive Cryo-Therapy for curing Cervicitis. Thanks

  28. thanks………… it helps a lot. now please acknowledge me about the off day of thses investigations sections of bsmmu.

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