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Pediatric Medicine deals with the kids and neonate. The neonates are the very vulnerable group of patients. A slight miscalculation can cause the drastic effect. As for example, Amikacin is commonly used in neonate ward. It is a nephrotoxic drug. So excess dose can cause serious damage to the kidney in neonates. Also, the fluid calculation is essential. Excess fluid can cause oedema and insufficient fluid can cause dehydration easily in pediatric and neonate group of patients. As the Intern doctors have less experience in pediatric dosing, this app will help to easily calculate the dose instantly. I have checked many apps but this is the best android app for pediatric dosing and guideline.

In my days of internship, we used to keep a sheet of papers available in hands in our ward. Now the technology is evolving, it’s on your mobile. This app may help you calculate the dose but at the end, you must consult with the seniors regarding the management.


Well, it’s in the early phase. There may be some bugs. Please report to the developer.

This is a smart assistant for the pediatric doctors to help calculate the dose of drugs for different age and weight groups of children. It also assists the doctors to see the standard treatment requirement from the guideline for each individual child based on their weight and age.

Smart Pedi App will provide you with the easy way of

Dose Calculator
Fluid Calculator
Quantity calculator
APGAR Score calculator
Drop Visualizer

And Treatment guideline of 23 pediatric common diseases.

Smart Pediatric app

Why is this App better than Others?

I am proud that this beautiful app is developed by a Bangladeshi. This app can compete with any pediatric doses and guideline related apps. It has the best user interface. The dose calculation method is easy to use. No extra technical knowledge is necessary to run the app. And its thoroughly checked by Expert paediatricians. The most helpful android app for pediatric dosing and guideline.

Review from Google Play Store:

Without any verification system for doctors, this app will be abused. This app is greatly made but people other than doctors will misuse this and a disaster will happen. So, ensure that only doctors can use this app otherwise this will create a menace.

Well, He is right. This app is intended for Health Care professionals use only. So misuse by the non-medical person may happen.

My current research include using a mHealth platform for outbreak forecasting. This app is an excellent example of a mHealth platform. However, we should think about authentication for doctors. Excellent work again Dr. Biswas. by Hasnat Sujon

innovative creation. it would be helpful if we also get any app for adult dose calculation. By Zannat Shimu

Awesome app. Thanks to the people who created this. Keep it up champs By sylvia meera

SmartPedi Android App

Updated-31 May 2018
Size: 19Mb [after Installation] Current Version-1.0
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Offered By Rimikri
Developer website
Mail the Developer: iamhijibiji[at]

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Messages From the Author Himself

Pediatric medicine is a very delicate sector of medicine where small deviation from the required dose of drug or fluid can be fatal for the child. Pediatric doctors need to do precise calculations of so many different drugs and fluids required for each child all the time. Doing these calculations manually can sometimes be very difficult, especially for the young doctors attending the pediatric patients in the hospital and also when fast calculations may require for attending a large number of patients who are waiting in the line. Whatever the situation is, there is no scope for an error, because the life of a child may depend on it. So, this app has been developed to help calculate the dosing and medications correctly in a few seconds. Here, I want to clarify that the guidelines described here are not alternative to an experienced doctor. This is just a tool for assistance and also inclusion or exclusion of drugs or alteration of dosage may be required based on the clinical judgment of the doctor. But I hope, this will be a helpful tool to provide even better service to our patients.

I’m grateful to these awesome friends of mine who supported me in making the App:
• Dr Naffs Rahman Purna – The secret charm
• Dr Niloy Shuvo – The binary genius
• Dr Amit Kumar Kuri – The master
• Dr Rajon Kabir – The artist
• Dr Rafiqul Islam – The sincere
• Dr Rezwana Tasnim Mridula – The advisory
• Dr Rehnuma Anwar – The dearest ‘Granaluma’
• Dr Shahriar Sobuj – The earliest proofreader
• Dr Dilip Paul – The earliest debugger
For their constant support, I want to thank my brothers:
• Tushar Kanti Modal – My guide
• Pranab Biswas – The roof
• Dr Prithwy Shankar Biswas – My hero
• Saikat Biswas – My cute brother

And my mentor, without whom, I could not have made this app at all:
• Asst. Prof. Dr Kamrul Hasan – I’m grateful to Sir as he has gone through all the guidelines personally checking them, suggesting corrections and enriching them with inputs and inspiring me the whole time to carry on.
I also pay my homage to my respected teachers who supported me to push the boundaries and make it happen:
• Prof. Dr Alok Kumar Shaha -Professor, and Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology, FMC
• Prof. Dr Ratan Kumar Saha, Professor, and Head of the Department, Surgery, FMC
• Assoc. Prof. Dr Rafiqul Islam, Associate Professor and Head of the Department, Community Medicine, FMC

Dr Rajib Biswas, 2018

Thats all for Now. If you are using other apps, please let me know. Thanks

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