What Is Pediatrics And Its Scope, Branches and Association

Pediatrics is the Branch of Medicine that deals with the health and disease of infants, Children, Neonates and adolescents. It also make sure that the Growth and Development of your child is going on smoothly. It does not only includes the health of the children but also the environmental surroundings and influences of social impacts on children’s mental, emotional and physical health. Pediatric clinics are specially designed to serve children. In 1959, the United Nations declared the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in the universal presumption that children everywhere have fundamental needs and rights and it must be maintained.

It has two spelling types. Pediatrics in US spelling and Paediatrics in UK spelling. It has derived from two Greek word pais = child and iatros = doctor or healer. So the word pediatrics means actually Doctor or Healer of children. Pediatric nursing programs is also available for Nurse, as they acquire an special knowledge on caring pediatrics.

Pediatrics medicine

Pediatrics medicine

Branches in Pediatrics:

Generally when a person completes MBBS he is called Doctor. Then he has to get higher degree in subspeciality. When he/she choose this subject is said to be an Pediatrician. Again there are many subdivision of Pediatrics same as General Doctor. They are like as Hematology, Oncology, Endocrinology, Hepatology, Neonatology, Opthalmology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Surgery, orthopedics etc. Pediatric dentistry is also an special branch of Pediatrics. Generally these subspeciality is needed in special case. The protocol is to visit at first an General Pediatrician. If the doctor thinks he can refer the patient to the Higher division for better treatment.

Scope of Pediatrics:

As you can see there are a huge population who belongs to this category. Number of births all over the world is increasing day by day. Specially in developmental world. The body of a children does not have the full capacity of adult. They are more prone to infection. More susceptible to diseases. Children younger than age 18 constitute approximately one forth of the U.S. population. They need an special care, special attention other than the methods of Adults. So here is the application of pediatrics. Moreover worlwide childrens represent an major proportion of population.

In Palestine or recently in syria you can see they are more at risk of losing life. General health maintaining is not possible at this stage in those area. Sometime you may see the face of a cute child looking at you through the newspaper or television. This will certainly raise your concern. Sometimes may be not. But you can think you are not living in that vulnerable war prone area.

Association of Pediatrics:

There are many association of pediatricians worldwide. These associates share their knowledge, professional skills and experience. New methods are granted in treatment through these associations. Also it needs to propagate new inventions, that also done by them. To serve humanity is the main role of doctor. but they also has rights and it can be maintained by only associations. American Academy of Pediatrics has same duties. Canadian Paediatric Society is Protecting and promoting the health and well-being of children and youth. British Association of General Paediatrics has some essential links on their page. Indian Academy of Pediatrics is going to held their 49th National Conference on January 19, 2012.

There are also International Pediatric Association. It was formed in Paris in 1910 by a group of European pediatricians. The purpose of the IPA was to foster relationships among the pediatricians of the world, thus promoting education and sharing of information about child health. To know more about International Pediatric Association you can see here on WHO website.

Bangladesh Association of Pediatrics has also activities. M R Khan was an pronounced pediatrician in Bangladesh. The matter of fact is that i can not enter the website of Bangladesh Association of Pediatrics. Google Chrome has blocked access to www.bpabd.org for now. What the Hell i dont know, but its bad. Seems that they are not interested in modern technology of Internet and maintaining a simple website. I think they are backdated too.
So you must included yourself in the association of Pediatrician in your country. It is safe.

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