Breast Feeding Your Child With Implants

Breast Feeding Babies
Breast Feeding Babies

“can women with breast implants breastfeed their child” or ” breastfeeding after breast augmentation” It’s a common question after breast implantation surgery. It’s actually a good sign that they want to breastfeed their child. But you may wonder there are many mothers around the world who does not know the importance of Brest Feeding. As a result, they think it will cause them to harm or may have an impact on the breast. They are absolutely wrong. There are thousands of benefit of breastfeeding your child. So I am going to show you some reason to breastfeed your beautiful baby. Breastfeeding classes are also held in many countries to show the right procedure for breastfeeding. You may develop mastitis that means pain in breast, fever or any other symptoms. Consult with your Physician urgently for this.

Breast Feeding Babies
Breast-Feeding Babies

Benefits of Breast Feeding:

Protection against infection:

  • A Breastfeed baby has less Diarrhea, Gastrointestinal infection, & Respiratory infections than artificially fed babies.
  • A substance called the ‘bifidus’ factor helps special bacteria to grow in the babies’ intestine & prevents other harmful bacteria from growing.
  • Dozens of anti-inflammatory agents reduced the harm caused by uncontrolled inflammation.
  • Lymphocytes & macrophages, which are living cells, fight against the disease.
  • Each mother’s milk has antibodies to protect her baby against disease to which she has been exposed.
  • Growth factors enhance the babies’ development & maturation of the immune system, the central nervous system (brain) & organ such as skin.
  • Digestive enzyme lactase & lipase, & many other important enzymes, protect babies born with immature or defective enzyme systems.

Other benefits to the baby:

  • A lower incidence of cot death (sudden infant death syndrome).
  • Lower risk of childhood diabetes, cancer & ear infection.
  • A better response to vaccinations & a faster ability to fight disease.
  • Fewer orthodontic & dental problems.
  • Better psychomotor, emotional & social development.
  • An association with higher intelligence.

Protection from allergy:

  • The babies GIT develops more quickly when fed with breast milk, preventing foreign proteins from entering his system.
  • Lower exposure to foreign proteins creates tolerance rather than an allergic response.
  • The nutrient such as zinc & the long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids helps the development of the babies’ immune response.
  • Giving babies even a single bottle of artificial formula on the first day of life can increase the rates of allergic disease.

Health benefits for mother:

  • Oxytocin that is released while breastfeeding contracts the uterus & helps to stop bleeding after the delivery.
  • Breastfeeding women are energy efficient; they can produce milk even with limited calorie intake.
  • Frequent breastfeeding delays the return of menses & helps to protect against another pregnancy.
  • There is a lower risk of breast & ovarian cancer.

Other benefits to mother:

  • Postpartum depression is reduced.
  • The workload of the infant is reduced.
  • Physical recuperation from childbirth is faster.
  • Emotional bonding results in less child abuse & neglect.

Benefits to society:

  • The cost of an adequate diet for the mother is less than the cost of feeding a baby artificial formula.
  • Mothers can be used food money for the other family members. There is no need to purchase breast milk substitutes or feeding equipment & no need for extra fuel or water.
  • Family time is not needed for food preparation & extra health care visits.
  • The casts of medical consultation, medicine, lab tests, & hospitalization are reduced. Mother & babies are healthier.
  • The mother can be space pregnancies with the lactational amenorrhea method which improves the health of mothers.

Breast feeding with Implants:

Breast augmentation or implantation surgery is quite common in the Western world. So this breast feeding with implants is a common thing that you should inquire before the surgery. Consult with your surgeon about this, the procedure, outcome possible hazards etc.

The main thing that you should inquire about where the implant placed? If the nerves and  milk ducts are injured there may be a possible problem in breast feeding.

When an implant surgery is done in the sub-muscular position and the incision are not gone through or beside the Nipple, there will not be a problem in breast feeding after Implant surgery. Breast feeding will not also hamper your implant.

The Benefits Of Breastfeeding – Infographic:
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The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

See Here The Basics of Breast Feeding for a new mother.

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