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Neonatology deals with newborn babies of age less than 28 days old. It’s a branch of Pediatrics. Neonatology is a highly paid profession. And it requires extreme dedication and hard work. Sometimes your hand will save the life of a baby. Not only that it will bring a smile to babies’ parents. Who can pay for that smile? I wanted to become a neonatologist but God had other wishes. NICU is closely related to the Obstetrics department. All newborn babies should be attended by a Pediatrician at least.

Updated guidelines available to Download

So what is a Guideline?

A medical guideline also called a clinical guideline or clinical practice guideline is a document with the aim of guiding decisions and criteria regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment in specific areas of healthcare. Modern clinical guidelines identify, summarize, and evaluate the highest quality evidence and most current data about prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy including the dosage of medications. [Source: Wikipedia]

This is what this book does. Guideline differs from country to country. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University known as BSMMU is the only Postgraduation university in Bangladesh. The Neonatology Department of BSMMU published this guideline back in  2016. Now it is available to download for free. The source, I can’t remember. I have been using this guideline for some months now. So I thought to share with the rest of the world.

NICU means Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Every Clinician should know the emergency neonatal resuscitation procedure. All doctors related to Obstetrics should know the NICU admission criteria and NICU discharge criteria. As neonatologist service is yet not available in government hospitals.


Contents of BSMMU Neonatology Guideline

  1. Delivery room management
  2. Neonatal Resuscitation
  3. Thermal Care
  4. Care in the postnatal ward
  5. Neonatal Nutrition
  6. Feeding of Preterm Infants
  7. Fluid and Electrolytes
  8. Respiratory distress in the newborn
  9. Mechanical Ventilation in the Newborn
  10. Neonatal Sepsis
  11. Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia
  12. Hypoglycemia
  13. Hyperglycemia
  14. Apnea
  15. Neonatal seizure
  16. Maternal Conditions Affecting the Newborn
  17. Infection Control
  18. Blood and blood product transfusion
  19. Newborn screening
  20. High-risk Newborn: Follow-up and discharge
  21. Discharge from NICU
  22. Equipment in the NICU
  23. Neonatal Procedure
  24. Some Definitions
  25. Working doses in NICU

That’s all.

Who Needs this BSMMU Neonatology Guideline?

All Clinical Doctors should have this pdf guideline on their mobile. Quick reference will help you to find the necessary information.

Bangladesh is improving. This guideline will help you to understand the current situation in Bangladesh.

New NICU Guideline by BSMMU

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Download BSMMU Neonatology Guideline [OLD]

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