Beginnning of a New Era, Joined as Assistant Surgeon in Govt Service

On December 08, 2019, I have joined as Assistant Surgeon in The Ministry of Health and Family welfare in Dhaka. Our Joining ceremony was held in Basundhara International Convention Center. The Health and family welfare minister Mr. Zahid Maleque attended the ceremony as the chief guest with health services division’s Md Ashadul Islam in the chair. The Gazette notification was published on 19th November. The first gazette appointed 4,443 physicians – 4,203 assistant surgeons and 240 assistant dental surgeons. The Continue Reading…..

Baby Rashes Treatment and Prevention

Your baby’s skin is really gentle and there are so many things that can cause rashes. Though there’s nothing to worry about the rashes as they are mostly treatable by using simple home remedies, still there can be times when the rashes may indicate some illness. Whatever be the reason, rashes are really discomforting for your child as it can cause itchiness, redness and sometimes swelling as well. A rash may be localized in one part of the body, or Continue Reading…..

Understandings Basics and How To Read Chest Xray

Chest Xray is one of the most routinely performed investigations in medical and surgical practice. It’s vital to understand normal lung Xray. To differentiate abnormal findings, one has to know how to read a normal chest x-ray. The chest X-ray (CXR) is performed to evaluate the lungs, heart and chest wall. Normal CXR is taken with the patient in an upright position, taking a deep breath and holding it for a few seconds to reduce the possibility of a blurred Continue Reading…..

5 Myths and Realities About Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is a common and highly successful joint replacement procedure for the treatment of degenerative bone disease, osteoarthritis, or other conditions. It is a major surgery in which the damaged parts of the hip joint are replaced with artificial prosthetics made of metal, plastic or ceramic. The procedure aims to provide pain relief and restore the movement of joints in the patients. It can dramatically improve the quality of life of people who suffer from chronic persistent pain and Continue Reading…..

Understanding Basics and How to Read Head CT Scan

CT Scan is one of the most widely used investigation procedures. It is easily available, cheap and can be performed rapidly in contrast to MRI. CT scan is a radiological procedure done by taking a series of cross-sectional images. One circle is taken at a time in a full circle rotation. A computer then calculates and converts the rate of absorption and density of Xrays into a picture on a screen. Advantages of CT Scan It is relatively cost-effective. Helps Continue Reading…..

Congenital Heart Disease in Children

Congenital Heart Disease means a defect in the structure or function of the heart or great vessels. It may present from birth or may appear in childhood. Severe respiratory distress and cyanosis soon after birth which requires high flow oxygen may indicate heart defect. Sometimes prenatal diagnosis by ultrasound is possible. Surgical intervention is required in severe cases. If there are no other fetal distress, pregnancy should continue till term. It will give proper time for the growth of organs. Continue Reading…..

Neonatal Ascites Case Report and Discussion

Neonatal ascites is a rare entity. It means the accumulation of fluid in the intraperitoneal cavity. Normally it should not happen. There are many reasons for neonatal ascites. Obstructive uropathy is the most common cause. We had found a case of neonatal ascites in our NICU. Here is the case report and discussion. Case Summary The baby of A 3130gm birth weight male preterm admitted just after birth due to severe abdominal distension and respiratory distress. The baby was born Continue Reading…..