Best Foods For Kids To Grow Taller, Stronger & Healthy

Child Growth and Development

Being a parent, you are responsible for your children’s health. And, every parent wants their child to grow and be healthy. According to experts, the foods you feed your child play an efficient role in how tall they grow. You may have seen the advertisements of Horlicks, Bournvita, Complan etc that makes your child taller stronger and healthier. Does it really work? Well, there is controversy regarding that opinion. It contains many micronutrients, vitamins, minerals etc with sugar. Sugar is not good for health. Others may or may not get absorbed. The problem is in the marketing strategy. They make it seem like without this fortified food, your kid will not be taller stronger and sharper. But we all know natural food contains more essential material for growth and development.

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In this article, we are decided to list some of the best food that helps your children grow taller, stronger and healthier. But, before you feed your child with these foods, you ought to track your child Body Mass Index using BMI calculator for kids. You can visit to get advanced BMI calculator with age.

Child Growth and Development

Best Foods That Help Childs Grow Taller, Stronger & Healthy:

If you want your child to grow taller and healthy, then there are certain foods that you need to integrate into their diet plan. Apart from their height, these healthy foods will help your child in many ways as they are fully packed with healthy nutrients. Track your child BMI using the BMI calculator for teens and start feeding your child with these foods.

Here is the foods list:


Eggs are rich in proteins, and these nutrients play a vital role in boosting your children height. So, make sure that your children consume an egg every day. Start their day by making a yummy omelette or boiled egg for breakfast.


Milk is essential for children, as it is fully packed with calcium and best for the growth of bones as well as for strength. Milk also consists of an adequate amount of protein, so you ought to get your kids to consume milk daily, or you can make delicious milk smoothies for them. 


Soybeans are great vegetarian food that contains an adequate amount of protein. Get your kids to consume more soybeans as this food improve the growth of bones and muscles. Additionally, you can make different delicious recipes using soybeans.


It is another food that is responsible for your child’s health. Oatmeal also consists of the rich content of protein, and this is the healthiest food for people of any age. So, get your child to intake this super-food on a regular to grow taller and healthy.


No doubt, mostly children have loved the recipes that include chicken. Chicken is a great source of protein that is essential for your child’s growth. You have to make delicious chicken recipes and get your children to consume it.


Spinach is the super-veggie that is fully packed with iron and calcium. According to optimistic studies, iron and calcium are two major nutrients that boost brain memory of kids, strengthen their bones and make them healthy.


Carrots are another super-veggie that consists of Vitamin A, which filled the need for protein in your body. Raw carrots are fully packed with this vitamin, so you ought to make a salad with them or get your children to intake fresh carrot juice on a daily basis. 


Fruits are essential foods for any group of age and specifically best for children to grow healthy and strong. You have to add the fruits in your kid’s diet which are rich in Vitamin A including mangoes, cantaloupe and peaches.

Whole Grains:

Whole grains are the best foods that your children love to eat! They are the healthiest option as these foods are consisting of an adequate amount of Vitamin B and Iron. You can add whole-grain slices of bread and portions of pasta as well as cereals in your kid’s diet plan, to keep them stronger, taller and healthy.


Yoghurt is an essential super-food that is a great source of Vitamin D and calcium. These two nutrients are immensely important when it comes to a child’s growth in terms of height. If your children are not like to eat yoghurt, then you can feed them cheese instead. Cheese is also fully packed with proteins, calcium and Vitamin D. Make a sandwich full of cheese or adds cheese noodles in their diet plan. 

Well, these are some super-foods that are essential for your children’s health. Try out these best foods and see the amazing results within no time. Consuming these foods not only grow your child height, but also make them strong and healthy – Good Luck!

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